Valentine's Day

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How better to show your love on Valentine's Day than with a bouquet of beautiful flowers?  We have options to fit all budgets and considerations.   Delivery within the Lower Mainland is available, and we recommend placing pickup orders ahead of time to beat the lineups on Valentine's Day. 

To place an order, please call us at 604-689-4439 or contact us through the button below.

We offer a variety of floral arrangements.  Of course, we have the classic red roses, but if your sweetheart is less traditional, we have lots of other options! 


long stem red roses

The most traditional valentine's day offering, these 90cm roses are astonishing! These buds are enormous and they last for ages.   Absolutely our best-seller each season. 

8$ per stem; 85$ for a dozen dressed up; 105$ dressed up in vase

garden roses

Unbelievably fragrant, these soft and delicate 60cm garden roses will knock your socks off.  They come in limited quantities and a variety of colours, so be sure to order ahead. 

8$ per stem; 85$ for a dozen dressed up; 105$ dressed up in vase

short stem red roses

These roses are the same top-quality as our long-stem roses, just in a shorter size.  At 50cm, they're still as impressive and long-lasting as their taller cousins. 

35$ per dozen; 40$ for a dozen dressed up; 55$ dressed up in vase

custom arrangements

If the traditional rose bouquet isn't quite right for your sweetheart, we can make a custom bouquet.  We'll give a short consultation to find out your likes and build something just for you!  Available in a vase or as a bouquet only. 

Custom bouquets available for all budgets

rose petals

rose petals

For that extra-special romantic touch, rose petals add that classic feel.  Available in a variety of colours. 

15$ per bag

multi-colour short stem roses 

We've got more than just red roses!  Our 50cm short stem roses come in a wide variety of colours: yellows, oranges, pinks, purples, whites, creams, greens, purples, and bicolours. 

25$ for a dozen; 30$ for a dozen dressed up; 45$ dressed up in a vase

long stem rose colours.png

multi-colour long stem roses

We offer long stem (90cm) roses in a whole rainbow of pinks, yellows, creams, greens, oranges, purples, and bicolours.  Inquire to find exact variety ability.  Pictured here in a 99-rose bouquet. 

6$ per stem; 65$ for a dozen dressed up; 85$ dressed up in vase

giant roses.jpg

giant red roses

These monsters measure in around 5 feet tall and are totally astonishing!   Limited quantity available. 

20$ per stem